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About Us


“We may never be the BIGGEST around, but we will strive to be THE BEST every day, with every move and with every relationship we build.”

The defining objectives of the CLR experience are SPEED, PREDICTABILITY and PROTECTION to the customer. Getting your vehicle where it is supposed to be, in the time frame demanded, in the same or better condition, is our sole focus.

CLR Auto Transport is strategically located, with our headquarters in the Chicago-area (Merrillville, Indiana). A glance at the nation’s map will show this area - the greater Calumet region - is the nation’s transportation hub. Just 35 miles from downtown Chicago, CLR provides easy access to major transportation facilities, including interstate highways, major airports, rail and bus terminals. Additionally, our proximity to Chicago guarantees convenient access to all necessary support services.


Meet Our Leadership Team

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Chester La Pierre - Owner

Chester is the founder of CLR Transport. He’s been in the transportation business for over 35 years. Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, Chester began his career in transportation with a large trucking firm, contributing to its success due to his strong work ethic and attention to customer service. Having had a vision of creating a company that did more than just move cars, Chester founded CLR Auto Transport in 2005. He had brought with him to CLR all of the core principles that he contributes to his continued success, client care, value, and integrity.

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Patricia Shaw - President /Co-Owner

Pat is originally from Santiago, Chile and began her career in the transportation industry as soon as she arrived in the States in 1991. Working for a small transportation company on the west coast, she honed her customer service skills and gained her operations knowledge as a client service representative to the fleet industry. Pat joined the company in 2005, merging her strengths in customer care with the growing CLR team. Her talents have become defining assets to the company’s strategy. Pat has a knowledge of the fleet industry and extensive experience in the operations area of transportation.

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Michael Linko - National Facility Operations Manager

Mike Linko brings a wealth of experience and energy to our team as our National Facility Operations Manager. In this role, Mike leads the acquisition, development, launch and management of our national vehicle processing and storage facilities. Mike’s love for automobiles shines through every weekend as Mike is an avid racer, taking on the competition at tracks all across the Midwest.


Marco Perez - Director of Marketing & Business Development (Emerging Technologies)

Marco joined CLR Auto Transport in 2019 after nearly 15 years in Print and Digital Marketing. In his role as Director of Marketing and Business Development, Marco brings fresh new ideas to the table, many of which are value-adds to our clients and improvements to systematic processes for increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Marco is part of our Emerging Technologies team, always seeking ways to improve our client experience and improving effectiveness.